The exhibition MAXIPES FÍK’S WILD BIRTHDAY, OR JIŘÍ ŠALAMOUN FOR KIDS is extended until the end of July. Although it is summer, still many of you have come to admire the exceptional illustration of Jiří Šalamoun. In addition to Maxipes Fík, which is represented primarily on the original film sheets to Večerníček (Czeh bed time TV stories) that the author’s family saved from liquidation, you can get acquainted with the originals of amazing illustration of the exceptional book The Last of the Mohawcs, with illustrations for the first edition of The Hobbit in the Czech Republic, with the fine indian ink drawings to Saroyan Tracy’s Tiger, with perfect lithographs of the first edition of Pan Tau and many other great artworks, including proposals for film, theater and exhibition posters.

The creative part of the exhibition is located in the attic space of the gallery, where you can also watch bedtime stories in a series of Wild dreams of Maxipes Fík, create your own movie flipbook with stamps designed by illustrator Alžběta Zemanová. Ready is also MagicBox with its interactive pens – you can not only create your own illustrations or, change colors of those you already know. In the exhibition halls may not only the little ones test their skills and according to the picture on the wall, who need to find, assemble a picture puzzle. Who would be better realized in the garden, there is a wall painting ready and available eg. large pens. Ája´s Dad’s red car remain the two cars that are available for children. And do not forget to draw a birthday cake on board of our gallery!

We look forward to you every day except Monday, Tues – Fri 13 to 18 hours on weekends 11 to 18.