1. 5. – 12. 7. 2016 

Jiří Šalamoun is probably the most notable Czech illustrator of the late 20th century. His expressive illustrations, bordering on the grotesque, and his unmistakable personal style have entertained several generations. He is especially famous for his rendition of Maxipes Fík, a big dog, who is the main protagonist of Rudolf Čechura’s stories for children. Although this year we will celebrate 40 years since its first appearance on TV screens in 1976, Fík has remained popular as a children’s bedtime TV series to today. The exhibition also presents Šalamoun’s other illustrations, such as those for Mr Tau, The Last of the Mohicans, The Hobbit and Tracy’s Tiger. We have also prepared a range of lectures, workshops, discussions and public reading events. All events are naturally also open to adults, as Šalamoun’s illustrations cannot be strictly considered for children only.

Jiří Šalamoun, born 1935 in Prague, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and at Hochschule für Graphik und Buchkunst in Leipzig from 1952 to 1962. His artwork comprises almost one hundred illustrated books, a similar number of prints, various film, theatre and exhibition posters, many graphic designs and, finally, a series of illustrated films, the most famous being a bedtime story about the life of Maxipes Fík (1976), later also published as book series. From 1990 through to 2003 he headed the Studio of Illustration and Graphics at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague; in 1992 he was appointed professor. In the 90s he was a visiting professor at the Salzburg Summer Academy, founded by Oskar Kokoschka, and the Fine Arts Academy in Miami, US. He lives in the Prague district of Vinohrady.

The exhibition is held under the auspices of Ondřej Kolář, Mayor of the Prague 6 district.

The exhibition is held with the support of the City of Prague.

Related Events:

 Tours of the exhibition guided by curator Jan Rous: 26. 5. and 16. 6. od 18.00 / from 6 p.m.





Saturday, 14.5. – Maxipes Fík celebrates his birthday at the Book World – with painter Mirka Vitásková

5–7 p.m. / for children aged 4 and older  

Come and make your own birthday concertina book! A simple technique and lots of fun. Creation of stories, both independent and in a group, based on Jiří Šalamoun’s illustrations. Mr. Tau got lost, What Fík did not even dream about, wogging, and many other inspiring events.


Sunday, 15.5. – JUMPING JACK PUPPET– with painter Milada Gabrielová 2–4 p.m. / for children aged 4 and older

Have you already got / do you still have your Jumping Jack? A workshop on jumping-jack puppets for all age groups. You can use cutout parts and complete your own puppet. Skilled artists can design their own figures. Those wishing for a challenge can even attach a string to it. You can find inspiration among Šalamoun’s figures.


Sunday, 22.5. – BUSTLE IN THE GARDEN 1 2–6 p.m. / for all

Celebration of Fík’s birthday in full swing. Come and try jumping like Fík, putting on your own jumping shoes. Help us to make a maxi-puzzle and a maxi-comic book. We will construct Hobbit villages, and animate with Ultrafun. We will learn to make a flip book, a tiny motion picture book which can simulate motion almost in the same manner as cartoons. You can make an Ája doll, and perhaps even a Fík doll, with Viviana on a Liana, or create paper figures in Agata’s World. In the gallery you can find a mysterious MagicBox, which offers lots of creative fun.


Tuesday, 24. 5. – CZECHOSLOVAK FILM POSTER in context / 5.30–7 p.m

Pavel Rajčan – kurátor sbírky plakátů Terryho ponožky / curator of the collection of posters at the Terry’s Socks Gallery

During this lecture, Pavel Rajčan will present a PowerPoint presentation featuring approximately 500 posters. He will guide the audience through the history of posters, from its beginnings in the middle of the 19th century to the present day, focusing on posters created in the 1960s by renowned artists. He will present the most highly valued posters, expand on the process of commissioning posters in the Central Film Distribution Agency and compare Czechoslovak artistic posters with Western European commercial posters.

 Friday, 27. 5. – Pop-up with Albatros – with illustrator Barbara Šalamounová’s students, 9.30 – 11.00 a. m. / for children aged 8 and older

Do you think that pictures must necessarily be flat? Come and learn to do magic with paper, and see for yourselves.


Sunday, 5. 6. – Have UltraFun with Fík. 2–6 p.m. / for children aged 5 and older

A workshop focusing on animation, for both children and adults. The workshop covers all animation techniques and principles, including storyboard, design, the animation process and postproduction.


sobota, 11. 6. – Pražská muzejní noc aneb v zajetí morytátů, překvapivý program. 19.00–1.00


Sunday 19.6. – BUSTLE IN THE GARDEN 2 2–6 p.m. / for all

We will continue our celebration and the creation of the maxi comic book in the garden, we will make playful concertina books, and continue building Hobbit villages of all kinds. We will make short animated films with UltraFun, roam the streets of the city with Tracy’s Tiger and continue making dolls with Viviana on a Liana. Josef Dvořák will tell us about his life with Fík. Ententýky will entertain all visitors, young and old alike. And you can have fun again with the mysterious MagicBox and its interactive pencil.




 with ARTED instructors

A fairy tale get gogether in Jiří Šalamoun’s illustration world

 for children aged 5 and older / 1.5-hour sessions


 with Bára Šalamounová


 for children aged 9 and older / 3-hour sessions


 with Mirka Vitásková

 THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS – America at the time of Indians, cooperative creation of a map
 for children aged 9-12 / 1.5–2-hour sessions

 FLIPBOOK – a book filled with motion

for children aged 6 and older / 1.5–2-hour sessions


 for children aged 4 and older / 1.5–2-hour sessions


with Michal Škapa

 TRACY’S TIGER, or in the world of street tigers

  for children aged 11 and older / 2-hour sessions


For more information see www.villapelle.cz. Workshops must be reserved by e-mail (info@villapelle.czdilny@villapelle.cz) or phone at 224 326 180, 725 537 142. Reservations are necessary due to the workshop’s capacity. Dates can be arranged individually. The maximum number of children for workshops is 25 (depending on children’s age). The price depends on the nature of the workshop.


Try our our MagicBox.  A mobile interactive educational tool for youngest children, which allows them to draw as well as to play interesting educational games. It supports creative thinking and the development of motor skills. It can be tried out in the exhibition.