We entered the gallery, closed the door and left the world outside. Only light, familiar faces and things will be let in now. That´s exactly what artists Štěpán Vrbický, Tomáš Smetana and Jiří Štourač do in this exhibition. They work indoors and their main genres are interiors, still lifes and portraits. They are linked by isolation which is splendid for work but disputable in life. Then there is their friendship, life in the Vysočina region and drawing as a technique. But drawing is really just a technique. Vrbický compares his work to a piece of graphic art made with crayon, Smetana speaks about drawn paintings and Štourač says he´s painting with charcoal. So here we have one graphic artist and two painters. The real theme of the exhibition appears to be the frozen time which all of the artists are interested in. For example, Smetana compares himself to a camera with long exposure time and Vrbický says he charges the paintings with time. So, now we can isolate ourselves, stop and recharge our energy – at least for a moment.