Villa Pellé

Daisy Mrázková in the Villa Pellé Gallery!

21. 11. 2017 - 28. 1. 2018

Veronika Holcová - Kočička

Veronika Holcova – Wild Game

The exhibition in the Villa Pellé Gallery takes place from 19 7. to 22. 9. 2017. Open from Tuesday to Sunday, 1 - 6 p.m.

M. Šašek flight no. 59/74

The exhibition presents the work of Miroslav Šašek, the world-renowned illustrator and author of seventeen phenomenal picture book series This is… about world capitals and countries – from Paris, London, Rome, New York, Munich and Venice, to Hong Kong and Australia. In his books, the expat and globetrotter, Miroslav Šašek, has captured the historical image […]


DOOR IN 27. 1. – 26. 3. 2017 Looking back, Milan Cais (1974) work has been primarily demarcated by two legendary projects. The first was an autobiographical jukebox bearing his portrait, entitled p3D-01, which was his graduation project at the Jiří David Visual Communication Studio at Prague’s Academy of Fine Arts. The other was the Night Watchman, an […]

Jan Hísek – Ask sleep

Illustrator, cartoonist and painter Jan Hísek explores the space between reality and dreams, and their interaction. He has illustrated more than twenty books including books of poetry, fiction, tales and legends. Although this exhibition primarily focuses on his illustrations, it also refers to his graphic art and paintings. Jan Hísek (1965) is a painter, printmaker, illustrator […]

Jiří George Velinger – I See What I Hear

Little Gallery, 11. - 31. 10., free entrance


opening on 3rd october 6 p.m.