Atelier Pellé offers:
  • Programs tailored for families with children, offering leisure activities designed for ages 6 to 13.

  • Creative workshops and sessions aligned with ongoing exhibitions.

  • Guided tours of our current exhibitions.

  • Tailored creative workshops for schools and preschool children.

The educational program at Villa Pellé operates under the umbrella of Atelier Pellé, a platform dedicated to creative art education. Atelier Pellé provides both regular and occasional leisure activities for children aged 6–13. Its accompanying program comprises creative workshops, lecture series, and workshops primarily for the youngest generations, including children, primary, and secondary school students.

The programs cater to both individual children and group training sessions. Atelier Pellé’s ambition and mission are to provide schools with a platform beyond the standard curriculum, enriching education with experiences not typically available in a classroom setting. Through engaging lecture programs and guided tours of current exhibitions, our aim is to cultivate an understanding of art history and its evolution among the young generation, reflecting contemporary trends in the visual arts and nurturing children’s appreciation of art, individual interpretation, and creative expression. For the public, Atelier Pellé offers a leisure program of exceptional quality educational value.

To achieve this, we use the expansive spaces of the Villa Pellé gallery. The programs take place within the gallery itself, allowing children to immerse themselves in an environment surrounded by art, inspiring direct responses through their own creations. Additionally, our facilities include a clubhouse, the Šiška gazebo, a cozy attic, and a terrace with a beautiful view of the surrounding gardens and the garden itself. Collaborating with esteemed lecturers, artists, and educators enriches the experience we offer.



The partners of the accompanying programs are FINEP, ČEPS a.s., and Petra and Václav Jirků.