Dear visitors, we are happy announce that our café is now open daily, except on Mondays. We eagerly await your visit.

There’s nothing quite like having a cup of good coffee, a glass of Aperol, or a fine glass of wine after visiting our exhibitions. Take the time to absorb the impressions from the artworks you’ve just seen and leisurely gather thoughts. Our goal is to enrich the unique atmosphere of the villa with its serene garden and gallery. We see the café as an inspirational hub where art, people, and ideas converge. It is an integral part of the contemporary gallery experience, particularly during special occasions such as openings, weddings, and other events hosted at the Villa Pellé gallery.

We invite you to join us, take a seat, and enjoy something delightful in our café! When it comes to coffee, we place our bets on certainty, quality, and a first-class taste, proudly serving Italian Trepallini coffee – “Autentico caffe Italiano.” Whether you prefer your coffee strong or with milk, we believe you’ll find satisfaction in every sip. For those who fancy flavored coffees, we offer seasonal varieties to ensure your coffee experience is always exceptional. During the winter days, warm yourself up with our selection of comforting beverages, including excellent mulled wine made from Italian Merlot, apple cider with dried apples, a variety of hot lemonades, or excellent hot chocolate.

We also offer a selection of homemade lemonades from honest syrups of the premium brand liMONÁDA. Made from top-quality ripe fruit without any artificial dyes or preservatives, the taste speaks for itself – absolutely wonderful. For those with a penchant for iced tea, look no further than Czech True Tea – brewed from carefully selected tea leaves of the finest quality, following traditional brewing methods that have been perfected for centuries. We also invite you to explore our range of refreshing white and sparkling wines, sourced from small family wineries. As the evening cools, we’re prepared with Argentine red wines to warm you up, and of course, we offer a selection of beer, including the classic Pilsner Urquell. Feeling a bit more adventurous? Our menu boasts signature cocktails and a variety of premium rums or other spirits to cater to every taste.

Come and join us – we look forward to welcoming you! ♥︎

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Roman Vaněk



TUESDAY              12 p.m.   —  7 p.m.                   

WEDNESDAY        12 p.m.   —  7 p.m.                 

THURSDAY           12 p.m.   —  7 p.m.               

FRIDAY                 12 p.m.   —  7 p.m.


SATURDAY           12 p.m.   —  7 p.m.

SUNDAY                12 p.m.   —  7 p.m.