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With Maxipes Fík until the end of July!

The exhibition MAXIPES FÍK’S WILD BIRTHDAY, OR JIŘÍ ŠALAMOUN FOR KIDS is extended until the end of July. Although it is summer, still many of you have come to admire the exceptional illustration of Jiří Šalamoun. In addition to Maxipes Fík, which is represented primarily on the original film sheets to Večerníček (Czeh bed time […]

MAXIPES FÍK’S WILD BIRTHDAY, or Jiří Šalamoun for Kids

5. – 12. 7. 2016  Jiří Šalamoun is probably the most notable Czech illustrator of the late 20th century. His expressive illustrations, bordering on the grotesque, and his unmistakable personal style have entertained several generations. He is especially famous for his rendition of Maxipes Fík, a big dog, who is the main protagonist of Rudolf Čechura’s stories for […]