Ivana Lomova’s artworks are not defined by the “magic realism”. so characteristic of her photographs, that allows us to precisely identify the situation in which the portrayed characters find themselves – and in which we are subject to its emotional charge, but by her ability to bring out the meaning of each particular environment to the maximum. Her artworks are always somewhat localised: to a café, an urban space, to the beach, onto a path, into a room. This time it is the bedroom, a synonym for intimacy, privacy, coyness, traumas and consolation. Joy. Relaxation. Shadows and dawn. The “forbidden territory”, a space where we open up to ourselves – and where we hide from the outer world. At first sight Ivana Lomova is a pragmatic, almost descriptive artist. Her careful observation gently steers us to see an abyss opening up in the well-known and familiar. This unknown which, thanks to Ivana Lomova’s pictures, becomes a part of us, is staggering.

Marek Pokorný, curator

Ivana Lomova  (1959) graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the Czech Technical University in Prague. In the late eighties and early nineties she illustrated more than 25 books, as well as created comic books, animated films and graphic art. Over time she replaced illustrations with free composition. Since the end of the nineties she has regularly had her artworks displayed both locally and abroad. Initially, her artwork was inspired by Czech grotesque style, gradually taking on a deeper existential meaning and treating topics such as the memory, reminiscences, social and family rituals, relations between close people, gender roles, solitude and the intricacy of the relationship between a man and woman. Currently, she dedicates all her work to paintings. She usually works in a series, developing a selected topic. Her cafés, trains, jungle paintings from „the Paradise“ series as well as her series in the interior entitled „Solitudes“ are well known. Awards: Best Graphic Work of 1994; The Most Beautiful Czech Book of 2005; Art Colony, Avsenik, Slovenia, 2006; she was also one of the finalists of the Celeste Prize in 2009. She lives and works in Prague.


Cestující / Passenger, Galerie Beseda, Ostrava (kat. Jiří Jůza) /
Ivana Lomová, Galerie u Bílého jednorožce, Klatovy (kat. Hynek Rulíšek)

Ivana Lomová, AJG- Wortnerův dům, České Budějovice (kat. Hynek Rulíšek)
Kavárny / Cafés, Galerie české pojišťovny, Praha

Kočka a já / The Cat and Me, Galerie 5. patro, Praha
Sesterstvo / Sisterhood, Galerie Fotografic, Praha
Slávia, Galerie Via Art, Praha

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